About Repointing

When is repointing needed?

Repointing of mortar joints is needed when the existing mortar is decayed and deteriorating leaving a building with unsightly gaps and often structurally unstable. These gaps also provide a direct avenue through which water can penetrate the masonry wall.

Most old buildings were built in lime mortar and oxide. A combination of salt, age and weather conditions will cause mortar to deteriorate between the joints and fall out like powdery dust, leaving partial or full gaps between the bricks.  

There are 4 main joint finishes:

  • Flush joint
  • Raked joint
  • Round iron joint
  • Weather struck joint
After restoring a building by using this process, the end result is truly remarkable. Quality repointing changes the face and strength of the building dramatically, and accents the original features and characteristics of the brickwork.
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